Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The End

Quite possibly the worst part of any travel is the end. After almost 30 hours of flying, we have reached the end of our trip and arrived in Los Angeles this morning. However sad we are to have ended the most incredible time of our lives, we are glad to be home, glad to be with our loved ones, and glad to be able to drink water from the tap without worrying how our intestinal fortitude will fare.  We would like to thank everyone for reading our blog and supporting us during our sojourn. Sorry the pictures are coming to an end.


Chelsea and Rusty


Jessica said...

I am so glad you have made it home safely! I have loved seeing where you in the world Chelsea and Rusty were. You two are pretty much awesome!

marta said...

i've loved tuning into your worldwide adventures! seriously, that was one incredible vacation.. you guys are amazing. glad you documented it so well while you were away. enjoy all the comforts of home!

Justin + kelly said...

What a trip, seriously!! I have had a blast tuning into your wonderful journey! Sad its coming to an end, but glad to have you back in the US of A.

James said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures! You guys are hard core and it was fun to see places vicariously through you.